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Newsletter October 2009 – Better Parenting

by carolina on October 19, 2009

by Tiffany Glass


During my childhood, I experienced some of the same problems that many disadvantaged youth experience today. I grew up without my parents. When I was around them, I didn’t respect them much and even talked back to them. There was also period of time that I did not go to school. I did

not have anybody to teach me right from wrong. Even through all of this, I still became a better person.

Making the right changes in my life and becoming a better person would have been easier if I had the support of my parents. There are children out there today that need that same support. Parents should take time out and be active in their children’s lives. Taking the time to talk with them about real life helps children to know that someone cares about them and it will make them want to change for the better.

Did you know that 90% of our elementary and middle school kids qualify for Atlanta free lunch programs? 73% of all our children live in single parent homes. Our zip code (30314) has the highest crime rate in Georgia.

Now it is time to make a change! It is time for mothers and fathers to take their place and do what’s right for their kids, to make their children’s lives better then what they had or lived. Parents should take their children and read a book

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to them productive activity in order to better their lives, futures.

When it comes time, children can show their mom, dad had a positive influence on their transition from childhood to adulthood. Now it’s time for parents to take action; if we had more assistance from the mom and dad’s; kids would excel. That’s why it is best for moms and dads to stop and help prepare them for what’s out there and to better them as a person. I am asking for everyone to take time to help out when you can. We can all do what we can to make this world a better place.

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parenting tips August 19, 2010 at 7:06 am

Yes, I agree with your suggestion. Parenting these days is not an easiest task for today’s parents and it is required to gain more teen parenting information to provide better teen parenting. It is always helpful to take specialized professionals, online resources help to educate on today’s teen parenting.

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