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Newsletter November 2009 – Our Community

by carolina on November 1, 2009

By Shena Jackson

Hidden Village Apartments in Dixie Hills was once home to high crime and poverty. The apartments went into foreclosure. Now it’s just an eyesore. One problem to another!

Death, pain, violence and suffering; these are things that youth experience in my neighborhood everyday and accept as the norm. In our community, the youth need to stop the violence because teens are killing and hurting each other daily. The zip code 30314 has

the highest murder rate of 43% in our community. ( It is time for the parents to come together and act as role models for the youth. The violent crime comparison 30314 is 19.15%. ( It is saddening because the teens in our community grow up following their parent’s footsteps. Personally, I

have seen first-hand how violence impacts families and teens.

My family and I lived in Rachel’s Walk apartments located in Northwest Atlanta.

One night, we witnessed a murder right in front of my mother’s door and since then, I have been impacted by this occurrence. I have dreams about the incident; it took a big toll over my family and I. Every time I walk around my community it hurts my heart to see what is currently happening in our community. I get scared sometimes because you never know when murder may happen to your family or you. Now I have a positive attitude about things I do in my community. If youth in our neighborhood wake up, get a job, and do something productive with their lives, our community will change.

What we need is a big change in our youth. I have accomplished a lot of positive things because I don’t hang around the neighborhood. The neighborhood does not provide a productive setting. I am choosing to set myself a part and hope to be an example to my peers. I have learned that hard work and dedication are important to success. I share these thoughts and values with my surrounding social network so that they too can make a change for the better. If we do the right thing and keep a positive mindset, we will have a good, loving, and caring community. I think if we go out in our community and helped other youth we may feel better, as long as we know they are doing something good in life.

Shena Jackson –Is a CNA currently caring for her dad who is hospitalized with cancer.

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Virtuální kancelář November 6, 2012 at 1:48 am

Hello was seeing could anyone could help me I used to live in these apartments and there on my credit and I am trying to see who do I contact

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