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Newsletter January 2010 – Atlanta and Crime

by carolina on January 20, 2010

by Bobby Green

Our community happens to have highest crime rate in the city (Zone 5). However, I cannot agree with the media or the politicians who state that crime is on the rise. For one thing, the city just closed all it’s public housing facilities and dispersed the residents throughout the city. What we are witnessing in the city is what I call crime displacement. Meaning, with the economy this bad, the criminals operating in

the underserved communities run out of victims so they target more lucrative neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are often within 10 to 20 minutes from their surroundings, which is evident by the increase activities in Washington Park, Georgia Tech, AU center,

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Grant Park, etc. It’s also proof that more job opportunities need to be created in these underserved areas like Simpson Road, Bankhead, Boulevard, Mechanicsville, etc., if we really want to increase the city’s safety and quality of life.

What we are witnessing in the city is what I call crime displacement.”

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