CHEC Pro – Serving the Underserved

Welcome to CHEC PRO

CHEC Pro’s programs and services are in direct response to the growing concerns of underserved communities. The concerns of the community are as follows: Unemployment, Uninsured or Underinsured, Homelessness, Juvenile Delinquency, Teen Pregnancies, High Drop-out rates, Unsafe Neighborhood, and Poor living conditions and more.

Kids CHEC, encourages involvement in after school activities, tutoring and mentoring for at-risk youths.
HealthCHEC, addresses health disparities within underserved communities through health education classes and community health outreach and promotion.
PayCHEC, educates and equips adults with information and resources to sustain and maintain their households, such as basic personal financial management and employment readiness training.
HoodCHEC, we adopt and beautify parks, clear side-walks, mow lawns, and clean up abandoned properties and vacant lots.