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Our Credo


First let us know these things…

We are born with over-flowing
potential, and there are people who love us and need us and need
our love…that we are victims of circumstances…that every person can
be greater in heart and mind than any circumstance…

To be free we must master our own
habits that have held us in hostage, fear and anger, and lead us to
do desperate things, and commit thoughtless harm…we can be a part
of something greater than ourselves…

Then let us do these things…

Humble ourselves out of respect for
our own potential, and out of respect for those who teach, and the
lessons they offer…take courage against our fears…be steady in our
efforts, so that what is waiting in us to grow can become strong
and beautiful…

Extend hands to each other…draw
strength from each other…because the one who falls low can bring us
all down…unless we help him or her rise…and the one who rises
higher can take us all higher…

In all this…let us be guided by the highest power, so that we may have the love and honor that all human kind deserve and desire.

-Bobby Green/Founder & CEO